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Our Vision & Values


We are changing the world through creating spaces of belonging, through helping individuals identify and develop their calling, and through taking action for the good of others. 


We have three "uniques," or things that we believe set us apart as a community:

  1. We are authentic and vulnerable.

  2. We embrace the margins.

  3. Our heroes are among us -- everyday people, living like Jesus.

Our Values

Everyone is a masterpiece. 

Hearing and doing. 

Authentic community. 

All of life is worship.

We are missionaries. 

Love in action. 

Mending the world. 

Each person is created in the image of God, entrusted with creative and spiritual gifts. We are each called upon to make a unique and humble contribution in the body of Christ.

At the heart of following Jesus is hearing His words and then acting on them. We believe that it is our birthright to hear from our good Father and that life is more adventurous and robust when we say “Yes!" and respond to what we hear.

We seek to be a people that God might dwell among; open, honest, accepting, welcoming and non-judgmental. We recognize that we are better together than apart.

God is good. In response to God’s faithfulness we are compelled to respond with worship, reverence and praise in all areas of our lives; in work, play, study, prayer, giving and service.

God is a missionary and invites us to join in His good work.  Because of this, we intentionally equip followers of Jesus Christ to participate in God’s mission in neighborhoods, networks, and to the nations.

God loves people and so we love people.  We show God’s love in the world through action born of compassion.   Without judgment, we seek to embody the love of Jesus Christ through tangible acts of kindness, care and service to others.

God’s plan is to mend the broken world through Jesus. We join in God’s work to bring justice, reconciliation, mercy and shalom upon the earth until Jesus returns in ultimate triumph over brokenness.

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