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We Are All Inclusive

In the fall of 2023, our community went through a series of conversations around our position as an all inclusive community. As Beau mentioned many times during the series, the goal of these messages was not to change anyone's mind, but to have open and honest conversations responded to with active listening and empathy.


Curious about what this means? Below are the video recordings of those six messages for you to learn more.


If you have any questions, please email Beau or Nate.

The Shape of Inclusion: 30 minutes

The first message in our All Inclusive series discussed a broad arc for what Jesus (and the bible as a whole) has to say about inclusion within the Body. 

Note: this video is lower quality than the others due to being recorded on an iPhone while having technical difficulties. If you'd rather listen to the audio (which is clearer), you can access it on our SoundCloud (message begins at 40:00). 

Progressive Learning - 42 minutes

The second message in the series discussed how our views, beliefs, and knowledge changes and evolves as we grow. Join Beau as he gives us the biblical basis for this.

Privilege and Racism - 50 minutes

The third message of the series discussed privilege, with a specific focus on White Privilege. In addition to discussing God's heart toward inclusion, Beau also taught us how our privilege can be leveraged in God's name. 

Patriarchy and Sexism - 24 minutes

The fourth message highlighted the inclusive nature of God when looking through the lens of patriarchy and sexism. Beau illustrated the biblical basis for this view in this message.

Sexual Minorities (LGBTQ+) - 44 minutes

The fifth message discussed God's inclusive nature in the conversation of sexual minorities and the LGBTQ+ community. Beau taught us about God's posture toward loving other people as illustrated throughout scripture.

Ableism - 40 minutes

We wrapped up the All Inclusive series with a discussion on ableism and how we, as a community, can be more inclusive toward our disabled siblings. 

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