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The Arts

Art is a term that has yet to be defined. People for ages upon ages have been trying to sum it up in a sequence of attributes. But then someone comes along and shatters that definition, causing us to question what we thought we knew of art, and so we find ourselves constantly having to broaden our definition, pulling back the lens to include more and more expressions.


Art is virtually indefinable, perhaps because God even more so cannot be contained. At Genesis, we believe in the God of the Scriptures, which tell us that He is the original Artist—the first and the last. He was, is, and will always be. Nothing we see, hear, smell, touch, or taste was created apart from God. As artists within Genesis, we attribute our creativity to God as expressions of His creation, knowing that we merely refract what already exists, as a prism refracts the light that passes though it into beautiful vivid colors.


Through music inspired and written by members of our own community, visual artists lending their unique voices to each service, through writers, actors, videographers, designers, architects and so on, a fluid community is being nurtured within our midst where all creative voices can stand and express the transforming presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives. On behalf, and because of our Creator, Father, King, Friend, and Savior: this is how Genesis does art.


The Arts are creative and tangible ways of expressing God’s movement in our lives. Artistic expression reveals the diversity, depth and intent of worship. Express yourself. Worship.


If you are interested in joining one of our arts serving teams, please use the contacts below.


Creative Team

Help us cast vision for each teaching series by developing media content, video, graphics and drama.

contact Nate Sjogren


Musical Worship Team

All musicians and singer/songwriters are invited.

contact Tom Torrento


Tech Team

Sound, lights and video engineering to support worship services and community events.

contact Mark Nielsen

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