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Welcome to Genesis!

What can I expect when I arrive at a Genesis service on Sunday?
The Sunday service is casual. People typically begin to arrive about 10 min before the service starts. There is always complimentary fresh coffee prior to service. Service Begins at 10:00am.


Excellent programming is provided for children from infants through middle school. Check your child in at the Children’s Ministry desk located by the west parking lot doors. Each family receives a uniquely generated code for their child that allows easy, secure drop off and pick up. This code is used to alert parents if needed during the service. All children’s programming runs simultaneously with our Sunday service. Middle schoolers start in church with their families and are released at connection time. 


Where should I park?
The church has parking lots behind and north of the church building. On Sundays we can park in the Borgo’s Dance Studio. Street parking is available on Main Street. There is also a large parking structure across Main Street where anyone can park for $2.

What is Genesis?
We are a community of followers of Jesus Christ, committed to discovering and pursuing God’s dreams for our lives. We believe that “in the beginning” God created all things and designed each of our lives with specific purpose and destiny. We believe that the ancient Scriptures teach us who God is, who we are, and what our lives can become when we follow Jesus.


What is Genesis about?
At Genesis, we want to be a gift, a source of life and blessing to our community and the world. We are people of creativity and compassion, speaking hope and life into the ashes and dust of despair. Come with us, as we venture together to discover who God is and what our lives are supposed to be about.  Today is your day to start over, start fresh and allow God to start something new through you to impact this world for good.


Things You Will Not Experience
• We will not make you stand up and wave at the congregation
• You will not have to stand up and introduce yourself
• If it is your birthday we will not sing to you
• We will not sing to you because you are visiting
• We will not seek to embarrass you in any way
• There are not visitor name tags that announce your arrival
• We do not make you sign any covenant or statement of beliefs upon entrance
• We do not seek to brain wash you in anyway

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